Your profit is our goal

Imagine an efficient, dynamic sales office that knows how to speak your language and works really by your side to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

Think of a structure that reasons as a partner and not simply a burdening of business costs.

This is Vepa, a reality that comes from those who know what it means to “do business” to support and make grow those who make productive excellence their mission without the weight of an internal commercial office.

Zero start-up costs and management of percentage orders.

Contact us and discover the Vepa reality in trading and commercial partnership

You produce we sell

Vepa is your outsourced sales office.

We provide our partners with a dedicated business structure, specifically tailored to our partners’ business line, through training courses and constant coaching.

We manage each partner with constant contact and development reports that monitor the situation in real time.

Vepa is the ideal solution for those who want to grow dynamically without worry, relying on professionals with more than 30 years of experience in selling and creating sales networks.

Are you an agent? We are looking for people like you

We construct a network tailored to your needs

Together with you and based on your needs, we are able to structure and manage ad hoc commercial networks for capillarity, preparation and type.

Each of our partners is supported through personalized reports and weekly conference calls.

Each project is followed by expert collaborators who have years of experience in creating sales networks.

Every new challenge is faced with the enthusiasm it deserves in order to win it.

Contact us immediately and you will have complete answers to your sales needs.

We analyze each sector

We at Vepa take a strategic approach every time we approach a new market.

Analysis of growth, percentages of increase and analysis of competitors are just some of the tools that lead us to get a deep understanding of the markets with which we deal with each day.

The challenges are made to be won and we at Vepa know how to face them alongside our partners, choosing the reference markets, analyzing them and obtaining useful answers to achieve the goals.

Whether they are budget targets or markets, Vepa is the main interlocutor for the company that wants to grow by establishing a profitable and effective partnership.


How we operate

At Vepa we adopt process steps that can be summarized as follows
  • Customer analysis
  • Market analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Analysis of growth potential
  • Definition of objectives
  • Creation of materials for the sales force
  • Recruiting of the sales force
  • Training course
  • Support of agents
  • Reporting
  • Meeting for the sharing of results

Where we operate

Vepa operates from the Italian market to go to all the countries where it is necessary to enter to develop the customer market.

We are able to immediately structure sales networks in the following countries: Europe, Turkey and Belarus.

In case of special needs, we guarantee the creation of sales networks or the recruiting of export managers also in areas such as: United States, SEA (South East Asia)

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Working time

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